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Connection: between individuals…

The need to have a link, a conversation, or a shared moment with another individual.

Individuals just need to, want to,  have someone to speak to. I want to encourage you to take a step outside of your comfort zone and pick up that phone and call! – You might just be surprised by the power of connection to another person… the power of conversation… and the power of words… and the power of sitting in silence with one another.



Have you ever had a challenging day whether it be at work, school, or home? —A frustrating conversation with a loved one? —An unknown feeling? —A feeling of discomfort in your own skin? —A feeling that you have no one to turn too or talk too?  These are “normal” healthy experiences that everyone experiences at one point or another. The thing is that if you have someone to open up to, someone to talk to, and someone to lean on your strength will grow, and your abilities and belief in yourself will come back or start to develop for the first time.

The thing about the ideal of “normal” is very complex but simple at the same time. Meaning that I believe there is no such thing as normal! Who is to say that how one person behaves is more normal over another’s?! Who is qualified to make that judgement? — I can’t say I have met one person that has the qualifications to make that decision for society. With that being said, there is a definition of healthy vs. unhealthy experiences.

You are not alone!— you never need to feel alone or isolated.

With the ability to make healthy decisions you have been given or taught the skills to problem solve, be resilient, and to cope. This in turn builds to your success!  But maybe you have not been given the tools to build these skills. These are skills and knowledge that we can share with you and build towards together. You are not alone!— you never need to feel alone or isolated. Success is a theory that is made tangible once you have defined what success is to you. Is success finishing out a full day of work without getting frustrated with a colleague? Is it getting a 75% on an exam? Is it having a conversation with a loved one? Success is whatever you are wanting it to be! Let us support you to find your understanding of what success is. You are successful in several areas of your life!—But are you able to stop that judgement towards yourself and identify what your success is?

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